Jan 2017: Cancun’s Mexican

For this month’s meeting, we’ll gather at Cancun’s Mexican restaurant in Norwood starting at 6:00pm on Saturday, January 21st.

This is their “new” location in Surrey Square, so please find the address below.

4410 Montgomery Rd.  Norwood, OH  45212

We’ll try to get a group of tables together as best that we can and enjoy some great food.

Dec 2016: GCHWC’s 8th Annual Holiday Party

Mark your calendars for the annual GCHWC Holiday Party on Dec 10th at Zion Church. It’s hard to believe but this will be our 8th annual party, so let’s celebrate the year!.

We’ll meet on Saturday, Dec 10th starting from 12 noon – 3pm at the Zion Church in Norwood.  This is the same place we used for the Chili cookoff this past weekend.  Activities will include:

Door prizes
If you’ve got prizes to donate (diecast or other), let me know or bring them to the event.
Holiday potluck lunch
The club provides ham / turkey and drinks.  Please plan to bring a covered dish / side to share.
Holiday dessert showcase
Have a holiday favorite cookie, cake or candy recipe?   Bring it along and we’ll sample them all and vote on the favorite.  Festive presentation / decorations are encouraged and homemade is always best!
“Steal the Santa” gift exchange
This year we’d like everyone to bring NON-DIECAST items as gifts.  This makes it way more fun for families. Gifts should be $10-$15 and wrapped.  Clever / creative gifts really add to the event. Can you come up with the one gift everyone wants?
Holiday Hot Wheels Custom Diorama contest
Always a favorite… the more creative, the more festive, the better!   We’ve had everything from a holiday junkyard, Santa and his Hot Wheels raindeer to a real car track made of cheese.  What can you come up with?
2016 recap slide show
If you’ve got photos of this year’s events, send them to us so we can put them in the slide show

This is a family event, so all are invited however since we’re planning for the food, please RSVP when you know how many people will be attending and what type of side dish you’d like to make.

As always, we’re incredibly happy that Zion Church is able to have us for this event and please don’t forget to bring non-perishable food items or paper products as donations to their food pantry.

See you all there!

Nov 2016: GCHWC’s Annual Chili Cookoff / Swap / Night at the Races!

As the fall weather starts to creep in, it’s time for everyone to get out your cookbooks for GCHWC’s Fourth Annual Chili Cookoff / Swap / Night at the Races on Nov 19th starting at 6pm at Zion Church.


We’ll start the evening with a chili dinner supplied by our members competing for “best chili” honors as voted on by you… the lucky folks who get to sample them all.     Have a great recipe to share?  Bring a crockpot and wow the crowd!  This year we’re adding a corn bread category for even more great samples.


After dinner, we’ll use Larry’s indoor downhill track setup for three special themed races:

  1.  Grab bag:  crowd favorite race..buy your way in with a car you purchase at random from a bag of unopened cars.  Fastest car wins half the pot!
  2. Model Year Mania:  2010.  This event is open to any 2010 model year unmodified Hot Wheels (for example 2010 Ford Mustang GT).  The year refers to the model of the vehicle, not the year in which it was produced by Mattel.
  3. Station Wagon Showdown: This event is open to all unmodified hot wheels station wagons (ex. 8 Crate, Chevelle Wagon, Nomad).   Minivans and SUV’s need not apply!


Finally, after the races, members are invited to lay out any / all items they’d like to swap and sell.  Table space is limited, so if you have a card table handy, please bring it along.

August 2016: Get ready for Summer Daze!

Great news!  GCHWC member Larry Igoe has graciously volunteered to host our annual “Summer Daze” downhill Hot Wheels racing event / pot-luck cook out (check out past years’ events) at his house in Fairfield.
We’ll work on getting some directions to his place, but here are the preliminary details:
Date:  August 27th
Time:  We’ll meet at 5pm for the cookout / potluck portion of the evening. If you’re planning on attending, we ask that you bring something to drink for you / your guests and a covered dish to share.
Racing:  With Larry F’s track, we’ll be able to start racing after dinner, hopefully by 7pm. Here are our race categories for this year.  All events require unmodified (stock) Hot Wheels. No lubricants or weights are to be used.

1. Grab bag:  Buy an entry at random from our “mystery bag” and race for a chance at half the proceeds.

2. Color race:  Any unmodified Hot Wheels RED cars (must be more than
50% that color).

3. Featured marque race:  Any unmodified MOPAR Hot Wheels (Chrysler,
Dodge, Plymouth, etc)

4. Model year race:   Any unmodified Hot Wheels of a 1969 model year
car (example: 69 Camaro, 69 Mustang, 69 Pontiac GTO, etc)

5.  Bone Shaker race: Open to any unmodified HW Bone Shaker

6.  Open race: Run any model Hot Wheels  (except drag buses / redlines) for the ultimate in bragging rights.   Winner is crowned “Fastest Car of the Night!”

We reserve the right to limit entry quantities in the name of time and any questions on entries / race finish results are left to the race operators.   Other than that, let’s race!

July 2016 Meeting: Indy Road Trip!

For July’s event in place of a meeting, we’ll be heading to Indianapolis on Saturday July 16th for Indy Hot Wheels Club’s annual July Celebration event (held at Pike High School, 5401 W 71st St., Indianapolis, IN 46268).
This is a great time with a nice sized swap meet, lunch, downhill races, sizzlers, raffle drawings, etc.  We’ve gone the last few years and the Indy club are always great hosts.   This year I believe a few GCHWC members will have tables for the swap meet.
We’ve carpooled the last few times and I’d like to ask who’s interested in carpooling for the drive up again this year.   We normally meet off of 275 near Forest Park (Meijer’s) early on Saturday in order to have plenty of time for the drive.
A few people have already said they’re interested and we’ve got 1-2 drivers already.  If you’re interested in joining us, please respond ASAP and let us know.

April 2016: GCHWC Movie night

April GCHWC Meeting: This month, we’ll meet at 6pm on Saturday, April 16th at Zion Church for movie night!

We’ll have snacks on hand and watch a special movie (car themed, of course…title will be released soon).

The church has quite an audio video setup that we used last year for the “Snake and Mongoose” movie viewing party, so join us for this event !

Feb 2016: GCHWC meeting – Hot Wheels BINGO!

For February, the GCHWC will hold Hot Wheels themed Bingo with chances to win prizes (more info soon).  We did this for the first time last year and it was great fun.

For those of you that couldn’t make it last year, this is similar to a normal bingo game that uses Hot Wheels related images (castings, designers,etc) on the boards instead of numbers and letters. We will play for fun and prizes…

Here are some shots from this year’s bingo game:

IMG_4316 IMG_4317 IMG_4318 IMG_4320 IMG_4321

Now Available: GCHWC’s 2015 Holiday Custom ’62 Chevy truck

Designed by GCHWC’s own Corey Z of Rip City Customz, these Custom ’62 Chevy Trucks are decked out in a two-tone holiday paint scheme and feature real riders, metal base and even a scale Christmas tree in the bed.

These are a limited run available to club members and friends, so get yours today!  We’ll have them available at meetings or send us an email / Facebook message to reserve your own.

Holidaytruck1 Holidaytruck2 Holidaytruck3

Nov 2015: 3rd Annual Chili Cook Off and “Night at the Races”

Nov 2015:  The GCHWC was thrilled to present our third annual “Chili Cook Off” with a new twist.  The first hour was our (now famous) chili dinner where members are encouraged to bring their best chili recipe and share with everyone and compete for “top chef” honors with votes from the crowd.


After that, Larry F brought his track at the meeting for a special “Night at the Races” (downhill Hot Wheels racing).   We had five special categories picked out for the night.

1.  Grab Bag race:   Always a favorite!  Buy a chance to select a carded HW randomly from a bag. Fastest car wins a cash prize!
2.  Real Riders Showdown:  Open to all unmodified Hot Wheels that feature real rider (rubber tires).
3.  Piggy Back Race:  Entry must include TWO cars, one of which should be a Hot Wheels roll-back truck (like the “Back Slider” or “Cab’n Fever”) or a Hot Wheels flatbed truck plus a car loaded on it.  Pick whatever hauler you’d like (stock, unmodified casting / wheels), but it must be HW and  the second car must be “attached”  securely by hot glue or rubber bands, etc*.  The piggy-backed cars must cross the finish line together.
4.  Featured model:  This time we highlighted the Chevy Corvette.  Entries were made up of any Hot Wheels Corvette casting (stock, unmodified).
5. Backwards race:  Open to all stock, unmodified HW except drag buses and funny cars, Entries must be run backwards down the track.  Fastest wins.
This is always a fun event and has grown every year and this year was no exception.  This year we had 9 different chili entries and tons of great racing.  More results and photos soon!