2018 GCHWC Diecast Show & Swap

We’re excited to announce that the GCHWC will hold our own diecast show in 2018!
2018 GCHWC Diecast Show & Swap

Date:  Saturday, March 24th 2018
Show hours (public):   10:00 am – 3:00pm (snow or no snow!)
Vendor setup:  7:00 am – 9:45 am
Vendor tables (8 foot!):  $10 each (max 4 per person right now)
Admission price:  $3 per person, children under 10 are free with paid adult
Features:   Case raffles, Split the Pot, Door Prizes and more..  Free “Custom” tote bag to the first 100 fans throug the door!

SPECIAL GUEST:  Diecast Hall of Famer Joe “Loride57” Alvarado.  Joe will be on hand to display his wild customs and perform demonstrations.

JUST ANNOUNCED:   Greenlight Toys will be sending a production designer and their e-Commerce manager to the show along with some special pre-production items to display and items and sell.

Mark your calendars and plan to tell friends, attend the show, reserve a table, etc!  This is going to be a great event.

Vendors welcome!  We have a limited amount of tables and they’re going fast!   Email cincydiecastshow@gmail.com or call 513-692-6303 to reserve your table today! UPDATE: Tables are SOLD OUT.

Coming in from out of town and need a hotel?  Here’s a list of nearby hotels.

Bring your friends…tell everyone!  Here’s the official show flier with all the info!

Feb 2018: Night at the Races + Dessert Contest

Feb 2018:   This month we’ve got a special night planned filled with diecast racing and a dessert contest.

The event will start on Saturday, Feb 17th at 6pm at Zion Church in Norwood with “A Night at the Races” downhill diecast race (indoor).  Larry will have his smaller track ready to go for FOUR exciting race categories

1. GRAB BAG RACE:  Racers buy their way into this event by picking a random, unopened (or two) Hot Wheels car from a bag…no peeking!   The entries will then be raced and the fastest car wins half the prize money.

2.  LUCK OF THE DRAW RACE:  This is a new event!  Each participant will put two cars of their choice into a bag (rules below*) and will take turns pulling two random cars out of the collection to race as their entries.  Choose wisely!

*Entries for this event must have four wheels, fit on a standard Hot Wheels track and should not be a helicopter or an airplane.  All submissions will go back to the original owners at the end of the race.

3. COLOR RACE:   This event will feature unmodified Hot Wheels cars** that are mainly YELLOW in color (not gold).

**Redlines and Drag Busses are not permitted for this one. Judges will have final decision on “yellowness” of entries.

4. “HOT WHEELS RACING” TEAM EVENT:  Entries for this event should be unmodified Hot Wheels cars that feature Mattel’s famous “Hot Wheels Racing” decoration theme.   Note that cars included in this category are mainly blue with the HW logo and white accents (all the way back to blue card editions) but also came in white and black in some more recent years.

 Some examples:

More recent versions as found by a GCHWC members at Kroger…

DESSERT CONTEST:  For the sweet tooths and bakers out there, we’ll also hold a dessert contest during this event.  Do you have a knock-out, lights-out sinful dessert entry you’d like to share?   A family favorite?   Bring your dessert to share and you may be voted crowd favorite!

Dec 2017: Holiday party

This month, join us as we celebrate the holidays and a whole year of diecast fun!

The event will be held Saturday, Dec 16th at Zion Church in Norwood (12-2:30pm).

Holiday meal (new format): 

We’ll start at 12:00 noon with a prepared meal with all the fixings.  As discussed, there will be a per person fee for the meal.

We’ll have desserts, but if you’re feeling merry and would like to bring holiday cookies or another treat, we won’t complain!   (not mandatory)

Door prizes
If you’ve got prizes to donate (diecast or other), let us know or bring them to the event.

“Steal the Santa” gift exchange
Always a riot… this year we’re continuing the request for NON-DIECAST items as gifts.  We did it last year and this seemed to make it way more fun for families.

Gifts should be $10-$15 (or so) and wrapped.  Clever / creative gifts really add to the event. Can you come up with the one gift everyone wants?

2017 recap slide show:  
If you’ve got photos of this year’s events, send them to us so we can put them in the slide show

As always, we’re incredibly happy that Zion Church is able to have us for this event and please don’t forget to bring non-perishable food items or paper products as donations to their food pantry.

Nov 2017: Chili cookoff and mini-swap

This month, we’ll be holding our annual Chili cookoff / mini-swap meet
on November 18th at Zion church (upstairs), starting at 6pm.  This is always a yearly favorite.

PART ONE:  Chili-Cookoff

It’s time for everyone to get out your cookbooks for GCHWC’s Fifth
Annual Chili Cookoff / mini-swap!   We’ll start the evening with a
chili dinner supplied by our members competing for “best chili” honors
as voted on by you… the lucky folks who get to sample them all.

Have a great recipe to share?  Bring a crockpot and wow the crowd!
This year we’re continuing the corn bread category for even more great
samples.    We’ll supply crackers/cheese and ice for the drinks, but
if you’ve got an entry, please plan to bring:

– a serving spoon
– any special sides / garnish you’d serve with it
– drinks
– a big appetite!

PART TWO:  Mini-swap meet

After we eat, we’ll clean up and members are encouraged to bring out
anything they want to sell / trade.  Dig deep and thin out your
collection!  We’ll do our best to have tables available, but space may
be limited!  Feel free to invite guests.

Next, as a reminder, since the kind people at Zion Church are nice
enough to let us use their room, we encourage supporting their food
pantry by bringing paper / canned goods.  It’s always great to fill
their drum / boxes with donated items when we leave!

FINALLY, we’ll also be collecting toys (new / unwrapped) for the
Ronald McDonald house or Toys for Tots this month in time for the
holidays.  Toys can be for boys or girls so long as they’re new and

This is the perfect opportunity to give a little back to the community
and make the holidays brighter for a few families in need.   We’ll
arrange to have this delivered in the next few weeks.

See you there!

Oct 2017: GCHWC Movie night!

This month, we’re holding our third annual movie night at the Zion church on a brand new night… FRIDAY, Oct 20th starting at 7pm.

The theme for this year will be “car-chase-a-thon” featuring some of the most famous, action packed car-chases of the silver screen.    The club will provide pizza for the gang and we’ll use the church’s screen / projector  and AV set up in our normal meeting area.

Don’t forget to RSVP so we can plan for food and as a reminder, the gracious folks at Zion Church are always appreciative of any canned goods / non-perishables and paper products for their food pantry.

GCHWC Sept 2017: Summer Daze are here again!

September spelled the end of the summer but also brought GCHWC’s 8th Annual “Summer Daze” cookout and downhill racing event!

This year members met on Saturday Sept 16th starting at 4pm at Elliott’s house (email for directions) for dinner and diecast racing.

Larry had his full track set up and tuned ready to go.  This year we had some exciting categories (as always)

Race 1 – Case Race:  Reach into a brand new case of 2017 Hot Wheels cars and buy your racer at random to compete against all comers! Crack ’em open and put ’em on the track.   Fastest car wins half the kitty.

Race 2 – Purple Race:  This yearly favorite race will feature any stock, unmodified Hot Wheels that are PURPLE in color.  Race officials will have final say on distinguishing colors.  No redlines accepted for this event.

Race 3 – Household Item Race:   This is a new event… enter any stock, unmodified Hot Wheels car that is shaped like or patterned after a household item.  Toasters, wrenches, shopping carts, guitars, toilets… you get the idea… They’re out there!

Race 4 – Ode to Deutschland:  All entries in this race must be from stock, modified Hot Wheels that come from a German car manufacturer.   Examples:  BMW, Volkswagen, Audi, Mercedes, Porsche.

No Drag Buses permitted in this race.  Sorry Fish-o-saurus!

Race 5 – NASCAR Race:  This race will be open to any stock, unmodified 1/64 scale car of ANY brand that depicts stock car race cars (NASCAR or other series, past or present).

Race 6 – OPEN Hot Wheels:  Open to ALL stock, unmodified Hot Wheels cars except Red Lines and Drag Buses, even winners of previous events.   This one is a slugging match and this year we hear that a certain Ferrari will not be entering…

Aug 2017: Beat the Heat!


Join us this Saturday night for our monthly GCHWC meeting at Zion
church in Norwood starting at 6pm, August 19th.

For August, we tried something new (although not really Hot Wheels related) to beat the summer heat… an ice cream sundae bar!

The club will provided the ice cream and the basics for members to make
their own ice cream dessert and everyone brought their favorite topping to
share with the crew.   Marshmallow fluff?  Pineapple?  Anyone remember
Magic Shell?  Bring it on!

Lots of interesting creation and combinations.  Good times with a great group!  We’ll do this one again!

July 2017: Join us for lunch!

Since many members went to Indy last weekend for their summer show /
event, we decided to postpone July’s meeting in favor of a late lunch
meeting this weekend.

We’ll get together July 22nd at 1:30pm in Sharonville at the
following restaurant.

Marie Scramblers
4006 Hauck Road
Sharonville, OH   45241

We hope you can join us!     Big thanks
go out to Paul for reserving the room.