2015 Summer Daze – Larry’s house

Our much-anticipated annual “Summer Daze” cookout / downhill race event took place on Saturday, August 22nd, 2015 at Larry F’s house in Norwood. Members enjoyed a pot-luck meal featuring grilled items, an custom show and of course… the downhill races!   Here’s a list of those events.

2015 Summer Daze Downhill Events

This is one of the most entertaining events of the year. The potluck is always top notch with grilled food and goodies brought by all the members.

dinner_1 dinner_2

dinner_3  Tom_Larry

After the meal, the race action kicked off with a crowd favorite…the Grab Bag race!

grab_bag_1     downhill_4 start

Paul picks his entry at random…

Over 40 entries ran the course and at the end, Mary’s grab bag took the checker as winner!  Anyone remember the name of that casting?

Grab_bag winner  spectators

The second event was our first attempt at the “Slow Poke” race.  In this one, only the SLOWEST car that crosses the line wins.  We thought this would spark from interest and we weren’t disappointed!   When the dust settled, Dave won with the ironically Hot Wheels casting named “Quick Delivery” (featuring real riders).

slowpoke_winnter   Races_finish line

Next up was the “Superhero Showdown” featuring any entries depicting a likeness of a superhero.  We seemed to have a ton of Batmobiles with a peppering of Superman / Spiderman cars.  After the finals race, it was Pam’s Batmobile that took high honors!

Superhero_winner  downhill_3 start

The fourth event of the night was the “Orange Race” that limited entries to orange vehicles.  We had quite a collection and the racing was fast and furious. In the end, Elliott’s entry (Way2Fast) proved fasted in the group.

orange_race_entrants Orange_race winner

The fifth event had a special “Model Year” theme.  This year we limited entries to 1968 to honor Hot Wheels’ first year in production.  This category saw lots of Mustangs, Camaro’s and other Detroit muscle.  In the end, Elliott’s yellow ’68 Mustang ran away with the trophy.

68 modelyear winnerdownhill_1

For the final event of the night, the club cleared the lanes for the hotly contested “Open Class” race.  For this race, we allowed any unmodified Hot Wheels entries (except Drag Buses) to square up against each other.

This one was a real slugging match with over 40 entries including previous years’ winners.  Could anyone beat returning champ Ben F’s Ferrari F40?  Perhaps a Trix funny car or another F40?    Ben’s red F40 answered that question with a resounding “No” and walked away with the trophy for fastest open car for the night.


While the racing action took place, the club also staged an impromptu “Customs” show.  Members were encouraged to bring customs (either bought or made) to display.  There was a ton of creativity and variety among the entries.

Custom_contest_table Custom_contest_table2

At the end of the night, the club voted on their favorite custom. Larry’s flamed Dairy garnered top votes.

Larry_custom_winner Larry_custom_winner2

Special thanks goes out to Larry and his family for hosting the event.   Summer Daze is always a great event filled with food, fun and friends.  Hope to see you all back at the next one in the summer of 2016!