2013 GCHWC Holiday Party

December 2013: Our annual Holiday Party meeting was held December 15th, 2013 at the Zion church in Norwood. This is always a great time and fun for the whole family and this year was no exception.

This event is open to GCHWC members, family and friends.  Just RSVP to gchwclub@gmail.com and let us know how many people you’re bringing so we can plan. We’ll be holding the following events during the party:

– POTLUCK LUNCH:  The club will supply the turkey (Honey Baked). Each member should bring a side dish or dessert to share as well as anything they want to drink (no alcohol please).
If you know what you’re bringing, let me know so we don’t all bring the same thing!

– SPLIT THE POT RAFFLE:  Enter early, enter often….just don’t let Deb win again!  (just joking)

– DOOR PRIZES:  If you’ve got door prizes (diecast or other), let me know! This really makes the party exciting.

–  “STEAL THE SANTA” gift exchange: Bring a $10 gift (preferably diecast related) and participants will get to select a gift and then try to hold on to it! This is always a classic and and it’s a blast to see gifts get swapped around the group.

– XMAS COOKIE EXCHANGE:  Each participant will bring small bags of their own cookies to swap with others. At the end, each person will go home with a huge assortment of holiday goodies and who doesn’t like XMas cookies?

We did this the first time last year and it was a big hit, so let me know ASAP if you plan to participate.  Dust off those killer family homemade recipes!

 – SPECIAL GCHWC Surprise:  There will be a surprise for all ye faithful GCHWC members.  Can’t tell you what it is…because then it wouldn’t be a surprise!

– 2013 HOLIDAY CUSTOM CONTEST: For the third year in a row, we’ll hold a holiday themed custom car contest. This was a ton of fun last year.