2012 Summer Daze – Dave and Deb’s

August 2012:  Fourth annual GCHWC “Summer Daze” annual picnic and downhill race event

When the summer days grow longer and hotter, the GCHWC knows it’s time for “Summer Daze”!     The fourth annual Summer Daze downhill / potluck event  returned to Dave and Deb’s house in the north of Cincinnati.   Members and neighbors alike turned out to enjoy some great food and downhill diecast racing.


foodandfun2 larry_starting_line

Larry brought out his new and improved twin lane race track featuring ultra-smooth magnetic lane attachment AND a voice-announced electronic finish line for photo finishes!

gate entire track_2


This year’s events featured six specific racing categories. The first event, the “Kids’ Open HW” race was won by Ben F and Noel:


The next event, the “Non-Hot Wheels” race, was dominated by Josh and his Johnny Lightning parts van. Can anything catch that heavy Dodge? The bracket box stocks winners (right) and losing cars (left) during the race…

2012_nonHW_winner  NonHW_box

Next up, members participated in the “Mystery Car Grab Bag” race.  Each member had the chance to buy into the race by randomly selecting (and racing) a bagged mystery car from the batch.  Winners Mike (with his “Hammerhead Mystery”) and Noel (with her 4-door Lambo Estoque) swept the field and took home the prize money.


A staple of the Summer Daze downhills is the “Open Hot Wheel” (non Drag-Bus / Funny Car) class.  This year, Elliott B ended up topping the field with a Ferrari F40 racer.


The fifth event was a new feature… the T-Hunt “Rip and Run”.  Each participant brought an unopened Treasure Hunt to open on-site and then race against the others. The winner brought home the trophy… and got to keep ALL the T-Hunts that competed! This year, Nick R came out on top with his orange Megathrust TH…

stack of thunts  Ripnrun_open

The final event of the evening was the “Drag bus / Funny car / School bus” race.  These cars are some of the quickest, heaviest castings in the HW world and deserve their own feature event.  The competition was tough among the Ford Probe funny cars, Fish-o-Sauraus VW drag buses and the school buses.  As the light began to fade, the racing was close, but in the end Elliott B picked up the win with his MegaGraphics funny car by a hair… edging out Larry F (running the same casting).