GCHWC Movie Night

June 2017:  The Car-Chase-A-Thon:  Enjoy a compilation of Hollywood’s best car chases from Bullitt to Gone in 60 seconds to Smokey and the Bandit

May 2016:  American Graffiti.  Cars, street cruising and Harrison Ford. What more do you want?

May 2014:  GCHWC gathers for a special MOVIE night!  The night started with pizza and snacks plus a screening of the new “Snake and Mongoose” movie.  This film chronicles the early days of drag racing and the lives of the real “Snake and Mongoose” racing sensations.  Mattel partnered with these racers in the early 70’s (we’ve all seen the models) and it was interesting to see the back story.   Special thanks to Zion Church for their hospitality and the use of their excellent multi-media projection setup !