2018 Night at the Races

2018 Night at the Races,

In the past, we’ve held this event the same night as the Chili Cookoff, however this year, we decided to break up the winter doldrums (and flu season!) with race excitement by holding it in February.

Larry’s indoor track is getting better and better.  This year he outfitted the track with custom pvc supports and a new system for securing the track. Great results!  I don’t think we had a single car come off the track and both lanes appeared to be very closely matched.


The finish line (taken from an actual HW set produced a few years ago) is just the trick to decide those close finishes!

The racing kicked off with the ever popular “Grab Bag” event where everyone gets a chance to buy into the race by selecting a random carded car from a bag.  Don’t peek!

Marilyn goes home with the “Grab Bag” event winnings with her yellow Dodge Challenger.

The next event was for “Hot Wheels Racing” themed cars.  The entries spanned quite a few years.  In the end, Elliott prevailed in the finals with his Triumph racer.

Lots of entries for the “Yellow” color themed event.

The last event was a new one… “Pick Your Poison”.  Each racer submitted two cars of their choice to the pool (some ringers, some clunkers!) then everyone had the chance to pick two random cars to race as their own.

Our own Bill, “Backwards R” came across in the finals to take the checker with a Cadillac Escalade.  Way to go!

Finally, we all enjoyed desserts made by our very own members.  Good stuff!