2015 Chili Dinner / Night at the Races

The GCHWC’s third annual Chili dinner (2015) started off with an impressive line up of 9 homemade chili entries.  Members came out of the woodwork to try all the varieties and vote on their favorites.



Larry and Patty enjoy the samples…


Greg approves!


After tallying the votes, Elliott’s “Googly Moogly” chili (4 kinds of peppers and 3 meats) came out on top.


2015 Top Chili Chef

After the dinner, Larry had his indoor track set up for some special downhill racing.  Of course, there was the “Grab Bag” race (perpetual crowd favorite)


Peter selects his competitor…

In the end, it was Pam coming out on top with her random entry (Lamborghini Estoque) and taking home half the cash!



The next race event featured an unlikely theme…Real Riders (rubber tires).  Usually these are among the most sought after of Hot Wheels cars, but it’s no secret that they’re not the fastest on the track.  What would happen though if EVERYONE entered Real Rider cars?  Which would be the fastest?


Well, Nick helped us settle that question and took the win with his green Camaro.

Next up was another odd event…the “Piggyback” race.  All entries were actually two cars…one carried on back of the other.  Obvious choices were car haulers / flat beds in all sorts of configurations.



These were a blast to run down the track and when the dust settled, Dave G took the trophy with his piggy-back/ Kombi combo entry.


As part of our “featured model” series of races, this time we honored the American classic Chevrolet Corvette.  Many entries of all different years competed, but Larry’s yellow FTE Corvette came out on top.  He looks thrilled (or something?), doesn’t he?


For the final event of the night, the GCHWC hosted  a “backwards” race.  In this event, all entries had to be run backwards down the track.  The competition was intense, but Elliott ended up taking the win with his Chrysler 300.