April 2019: Hot Wheels BINGO!

Join us this month for Hot Wheels BINGO!

If you haven’t participated in the past, our special version of bingo is similar to a normal game but we use Hot Wheels related items (car names, other hobby related objects,etc) on the boards instead of numbers and letters.   (Tip:  Bring pennies or candy like M&M’s or jelly beans to cover the squares on your cards). 

All players will be able to play one card on the house, but you’ll be able to buy in for more cards as well.   We’ll be playing for fun and prizes, so we’d like to ask participants to donate prizes (even non-diecast ones) that we can use to make this event more exciting.   In the past, folks have donated Hot Wheels, cookies and other items. 

Also, the club will provide popcorn and various drinks, but if you’d like to bring a bag of snacks / drinks of your preference to share or even some friends to play along, please do!

Finally, our gracious hosts at Zion Church always welcome paper and canned goods for their food pantry. It’s a great thing for us to be able to help them with this cause.
See you soon!