Sept 2018: Annual Summer Daze Cookout and Downhill Races!

Mark your calendars because “Summer Daze” are here again!

September’s meeting will be our annual summer cookout / potlock and downhill diecast race.  This is a highlight of every year and this year’s event will be held at Elliott’s house (same location as last year, email for directions) in Green Township on Sept 15th, 2018 starting with dinner at 4pm.

Members should plan to bring a potluck item to share, something to drink, possibly a folding chair and any race entries (see below).  Please RSVP to if you’re planning on coming!

After dinner, Larry will have his track up and running and we’ll stage a number of downhill races:

Race 1:  “Grab Bag / Case Race”  For this event, members will buy their race entries at random from a brand new case of Hot Wheels (no peeking!), open them and compete!.  Fastest car will win an unopened case of Hot Wheels.

Race 2:  50th Anniversary “Black/Gold” series cars.  This race is open to unmodified Hot Wheels 50th Anniversary Black/Gold series cars from 2018.  This was a seven car series that included the Bone Shaker, Twin Mill, Ford Ranchero, Chevy Impala and a few others.  Here’s a link to the official Mattel page for this series.

Race 3: “Color me red” race: This event is open to all unmodified Hot Wheels (except redlines and drag buses) that are primarily red in color. Race staff will be final judge on colors.

Race 4:  TV / Movie cars  This race is open to any brand diecast (so long as it fits on the track) that has a TV/movie theme or cars that specifically were packaged as vehicles from a movie or TV show.  Examples include Batman, Marvel cars, Star Trek, Fast and the Furious, etc.

Race 5:  “Your car tastes good!”  Qualifying entries to this race include any unmodified Hot Wheels entry that’s food related.   Examples:  Ice cream trucks, candy or cereal tampo’s, toasters, tacos, hot dogs, soda pop, etc.

Race 6:  Japanese cars   Entries for this race should be unmodified Hot Wheels brand diecast of ANY Japanese manufactured marque such as Toyota, Honda, Nissan, Mazda, etc.