Feb 2018: Night at the Races + Dessert Contest

Feb 2018:   This month we’ve got a special night planned filled with diecast racing and a dessert contest.

The event will start on Saturday, Feb 17th at 6pm at Zion Church in Norwood with “A Night at the Races” downhill diecast race (indoor).  Larry will have his smaller track ready to go for FOUR exciting race categories

1. GRAB BAG RACE:  Racers buy their way into this event by picking a random, unopened (or two) Hot Wheels car from a bag…no peeking!   The entries will then be raced and the fastest car wins half the prize money.

2.  LUCK OF THE DRAW RACE:  This is a new event!  Each participant will put two cars of their choice into a bag (rules below*) and will take turns pulling two random cars out of the collection to race as their entries.  Choose wisely!

*Entries for this event must have four wheels, fit on a standard Hot Wheels track and should not be a helicopter or an airplane.  All submissions will go back to the original owners at the end of the race.

3. COLOR RACE:   This event will feature unmodified Hot Wheels cars** that are mainly YELLOW in color (not gold).

**Redlines and Drag Busses are not permitted for this one. Judges will have final decision on “yellowness” of entries.

4. “HOT WHEELS RACING” TEAM EVENT:  Entries for this event should be unmodified Hot Wheels cars that feature Mattel’s famous “Hot Wheels Racing” decoration theme.   Note that cars included in this category are mainly blue with the HW logo and white accents (all the way back to blue card editions) but also came in white and black in some more recent years.

 Some examples:

More recent versions as found by a GCHWC members at Kroger…

DESSERT CONTEST:  For the sweet tooths and bakers out there, we’ll also hold a dessert contest during this event.  Do you have a knock-out, lights-out sinful dessert entry you’d like to share?   A family favorite?   Bring your dessert to share and you may be voted crowd favorite!