GCHWC Sept 2017: Summer Daze are here again!

September spelled the end of the summer but also brought GCHWC’s 8th Annual “Summer Daze” cookout and downhill racing event!

This year members met on Saturday Sept 16th starting at 4pm at Elliott’s house (email for directions) for dinner and diecast racing.

Larry had his full track set up and tuned ready to go.  This year we had some exciting categories (as always)

Race 1 – Case Race:  Reach into a brand new case of 2017 Hot Wheels cars and buy your racer at random to compete against all comers! Crack ’em open and put ’em on the track.   Fastest car wins half the kitty.

Race 2 – Purple Race:  This yearly favorite race will feature any stock, unmodified Hot Wheels that are PURPLE in color.  Race officials will have final say on distinguishing colors.  No redlines accepted for this event.

Race 3 – Household Item Race:   This is a new event… enter any stock, unmodified Hot Wheels car that is shaped like or patterned after a household item.  Toasters, wrenches, shopping carts, guitars, toilets… you get the idea… They’re out there!

Race 4 – Ode to Deutschland:  All entries in this race must be from stock, modified Hot Wheels that come from a German car manufacturer.   Examples:  BMW, Volkswagen, Audi, Mercedes, Porsche.

No Drag Buses permitted in this race.  Sorry Fish-o-saurus!

Race 5 – NASCAR Race:  This race will be open to any stock, unmodified 1/64 scale car of ANY brand that depicts stock car race cars (NASCAR or other series, past or present).

Race 6 – OPEN Hot Wheels:  Open to ALL stock, unmodified Hot Wheels cars except Red Lines and Drag Buses, even winners of previous events.   This one is a slugging match and this year we hear that a certain Ferrari will not be entering…

Aug 2017: Beat the Heat!


Join us this Saturday night for our monthly GCHWC meeting at Zion
church in Norwood starting at 6pm, August 19th.

For August, we tried something new (although not really Hot Wheels related) to beat the summer heat… an ice cream sundae bar!

The club will provided the ice cream and the basics for members to make
their own ice cream dessert and everyone brought their favorite topping to
share with the crew.   Marshmallow fluff?  Pineapple?  Anyone remember
Magic Shell?  Bring it on!

Lots of interesting creation and combinations.  Good times with a great group!  We’ll do this one again!