August 2016: Get ready for Summer Daze!

Great news!  GCHWC member Larry Igoe has graciously volunteered to host our annual “Summer Daze” downhill Hot Wheels racing event / pot-luck cook out (check out past years’ events) at his house in Fairfield.
We’ll work on getting some directions to his place, but here are the preliminary details:
Date:  August 27th
Time:  We’ll meet at 5pm for the cookout / potluck portion of the evening. If you’re planning on attending, we ask that you bring something to drink for you / your guests and a covered dish to share.
Racing:  With Larry F’s track, we’ll be able to start racing after dinner, hopefully by 7pm. Here are our race categories for this year.  All events require unmodified (stock) Hot Wheels. No lubricants or weights are to be used.

1. Grab bag:  Buy an entry at random from our “mystery bag” and race for a chance at half the proceeds.

2. Color race:  Any unmodified Hot Wheels RED cars (must be more than
50% that color).

3. Featured marque race:  Any unmodified MOPAR Hot Wheels (Chrysler,
Dodge, Plymouth, etc)

4. Model year race:   Any unmodified Hot Wheels of a 1969 model year
car (example: 69 Camaro, 69 Mustang, 69 Pontiac GTO, etc)

5.  Bone Shaker race: Open to any unmodified HW Bone Shaker

6.  Open race: Run any model Hot Wheels  (except drag buses / redlines) for the ultimate in bragging rights.   Winner is crowned “Fastest Car of the Night!”

We reserve the right to limit entry quantities in the name of time and any questions on entries / race finish results are left to the race operators.   Other than that, let’s race!