Nov 2015: 3rd Annual Chili Cook Off and “Night at the Races”

Nov 2015:  The GCHWC was thrilled to present our third annual “Chili Cook Off” with a new twist.  The first hour was our (now famous) chili dinner where members are encouraged to bring their best chili recipe and share with everyone and compete for “top chef” honors with votes from the crowd.


After that, Larry F brought his track at the meeting for a special “Night at the Races” (downhill Hot Wheels racing).   We had five special categories picked out for the night.

1.  Grab Bag race:   Always a favorite!  Buy a chance to select a carded HW randomly from a bag. Fastest car wins a cash prize!
2.  Real Riders Showdown:  Open to all unmodified Hot Wheels that feature real rider (rubber tires).
3.  Piggy Back Race:  Entry must include TWO cars, one of which should be a Hot Wheels roll-back truck (like the “Back Slider” or “Cab’n Fever”) or a Hot Wheels flatbed truck plus a car loaded on it.  Pick whatever hauler you’d like (stock, unmodified casting / wheels), but it must be HW and  the second car must be “attached”  securely by hot glue or rubber bands, etc*.  The piggy-backed cars must cross the finish line together.
4.  Featured model:  This time we highlighted the Chevy Corvette.  Entries were made up of any Hot Wheels Corvette casting (stock, unmodified).
5. Backwards race:  Open to all stock, unmodified HW except drag buses and funny cars, Entries must be run backwards down the track.  Fastest wins.
This is always a fun event and has grown every year and this year was no exception.  This year we had 9 different chili entries and tons of great racing.  More results and photos soon!

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