Sept 2014 Hot Wheels K-Mart Days Event

A few times a year, Mattel partners with K-Mart to offer special “K-Mart Days” events to showcase new Hot Wheels releases and exclusives.   With K-Mart outlets slowly closing in the tri-state area, fans crowd to the remaining stores for a chance to open their own case of cars and to grab the K-Days edition cars.


Dave, Deb and Bill with their haul of K-Days merch in Sept 2014.  Any T-Hunts in there?


Sept 2014: 6th Annual GCHWC Summer Daze Event!

The 6th annual “Summer Daze” cookout / downhill race event was held on Sept 6th at Bob’s cabin near Germantown, OH .

The rain early in the day cleared out for a pleasant autumn eventing.  There’s always a warm welcome from fellow club members…


As the first members rolled in, Paul had a new “show and tell” item to show everyone.


It’s no secret that Paul has been a Camaro fan for most of his life, but his 2013 Hot Wheels Edition Camaro 2SS Convertible helped drive the point home.  With 21″ wheels, over 400 horsepower, special blue paint and exclusive Hot Wheels styling cues, this thing is a real looker with the muscle car performance to back it up.

Paul_2ss_3 Paul_2ss_2

To kick off the evening, members enjoyed a potluck supper with grilled items and tons of other goodies.

dinner_2 dinner_1

photo 3a

Deb’s pink lemonade GCHWC cake!

After the meal, members checked out the custom contest entries (we’ll cover that in a future post) while a small team set up Larry’s track in preparation for the night’s main attraction…Summer Daze downhill races!

put the track together

A few test runs while the crowd gathered…


The first race was a variation on the “grab bag” race we’ve held before with mystery/baggie cars.  For the “Pick Your Poison” race, everyone threw in some carded cars then paid an entry fee to select an entry at random (no peeking!).  Choices ranged from 2014 mainlines as to 2009 series cars and all the way back to the blue card/blackwall era.

In the end, Peter H. took the win with his First Edition Yellow Mini Cooper entry.  Peter took home half the kitty while stating for the record “this car isn’t even supposed to be good on the track!”


Grab_bag_winnerIn honor of the Ford Mustang’s 50th anniversary this year, the next race was the “Mustang Showdown”, open to all unmodified Mustang castings.   We had a wide variety of entries from the HW Mustang prototype all the way up to the latest Custom Mustang drag castings.

mustang_corrale mustang_start.After many heats and some close races, Jonathan B bested the field with his 2010 Shelby Super Snake.  Way to go Jonathan!


The evening’s third race was a “color race” (we’ve done green and pink in past years) and to keep with the theme of the Mustang’s 50th, all cars entered in this race had to be GOLD in color.   There were many creative entries from all era’s of Hot Wheels history but in the end, Elliott B’s gold Ferrari F40 took the honors in the final race.


Next up… a break from the norm!  The “6-wheeler” race challenged all entrants to come up with their fastest 6-wheeled Hot Wheels entry.  At last count, we figured there were at least  31 different castings that fit the bill and we saw a wide variety of them enter.   This was an entertaining race and it appeared that the “Toe Jam” may have been the weapon of choice but after the final race, it was Haley B’s orange “Semi-Psycho” that took top honors.



The theme for the fifth race of the evening was last seen at Summer Daze 2012…the famous Treasure Hunt “Rip n’ Run”.   All entries must be carded treasure hunts opened on site in front of everyone.   Winner gets the trophy and goes home with ALL the entries!  Let the carnage begin!


When the dust settled, Larry’s blue GTX1 hunt ran away with the final race to take first over all entries.  Special thanks to Bill for supplying photo bombed bunny ears where appropriate.


Moving on… the next race was billed as “Emergency! Emergency!” and was open to all entries of HW castings that could be classified as emergency response vehicles (police, fire, ambulance, etc).   Several people thought the recent SWAT van entry would be a shoe-in but Deb proved all of us wrong with her winning “Roanoake Fire” Corvette to take the trophy.



As the night got cooler, members prepared the last few races, two staple events:  the “Non-Hot Wheels” race and the “Open HW” race.

The Non-Hot Wheel race mainly saw Matchbox entries but also a few Corgi and some Johnny Lightning competitors.   After a few quick heats, Peter’s Matchbox Crown Vic (shown at right) that skated past the competition and earned him his second win of the night.



For the final race of the night, the “Open Hot Wheels” race (open to any casting, even previous winners from the same night), it seemed like it would be a slugging match with members digging deep and entering their entire arsenals.  

One by one the challengers fell and the final brackets left only some familiar competitors… Funny car floppers and the now famous Ferrari F40’s.   Who would take home the crown of the “fastest HW of the night”?  

The finals pitted two Ferrari F40’s against one another and after the three final runs to determine the champ, Larry F stepped into the winner’s circle with his red Ferrari F40.  This casting has won 4 total feature races over the past 3 years.  Can anything dethrone these things?  Not this time…but just wait until next year!

Larry_Open class_winner_2014