Indy Hot Wheels Club’s Summer Show

Upon hearing about the Indianapolis Hot Wheels Club’s summer show on July 19, a group of members from the GCHWC decided it was a time for a road trip.  To make things more fun and convenient, Paul B rented a van and the group arrived just in time for the opening of the show around 9:45am.


The show featured a large selection of vendor tables set up in the high school cafeteria.  The atmosphere was friendly and the Indy club members were welcoming.


As billed, the Indy club had a special Master of Ceremonies (and silly string)…none other than Hot Wheels Chris Parker himself!


Around lunch time, the Indy club put on a first-class buffet for everyone in attendance.  Show-goers enjoyed hamburgers, brats and plenty of pot luck sides and desserts.  Best of all, it was all free of charge!   This was an unexpected bonus that really set the show apart.  It really seemed that everyone felt at home as they enjoyed lunch together.


There were plenty of diecast bargains to be had at the swap tables, but the activities didn’t stop there.  The Indy club had their Sizzler track set up, gave away a ton of door prizes and also staged downhill races on their custom track.  People lined up to take part in the “case race” event.  We’d like to thank the Indy club for being such great hosts and putting on such a top notch event.  We’ll definitely be back!





Chris’s Cracked Camaro

GCHWC member Chris brought home this Camaro to open but soon discovered this one had a special “feature”.


It appears that the casting had somehow cracked during the manufacturing process at the factory only to fall apart once out of the package.  Neat defect for sure!