2013 GCHWC Club cars released

The GCHWC celebrates another great year with the release of the 2013 GCHWC club car, the ’66 Dodge A100 van, customized by Sheri Abbey.


Distributed only to club members, this exclusive run of all-metal castings evokes simpler times and transportation with personality.   Click on the photo above for more information about this year’s club car.

Can we go back in time?

Here’s something every HW fan wished they had in their younger days…a 3D play carpet with “real” roads and features.

car_rug2 car_rug

A Canadian company (Luca&Company) is offering these play carpets in 5 different styles and colors.  From their site:

“IVI three dimensional carpets encourage imaginative and creative play. These wonderful carpets are an alternative to today’s fast-paced, technology-based toys. These unique carpets are designed by a Turkish architect and mother of two and were developed to promote independent thinking and a traditional process of discovery through play.”

Whether they promote positive thinking or not, they’re just plain cool for kids.  At around $150 each, they’re a bit on the pricey side, but sure to provide hours of entertainment for kids.  Which of us wouldn’t have loved to have this when we were younger?

Indy club – HW Celebration Dec 14

Our friends at the Indianapolis HW Club (some of you probably know them from Nationals) are holding a show / event this weekend with some exciting events including vendors, downhill racing and sizzler races.

See attached.   I know that at least a few members are aware of this event and may be going up.   It may be possible to carpool.