Nov Meeting – Chili Dinner and Mini-Swap!

In November,  the GCHWC held its first annual chili dinner and mini-swap meet.

In all, we had 6 different kinds of chili for members to enjoy ranging from veggie Skyline dip to Dave G’s killer homemade Texas con-carne creation made with sausage and fresh veggies (voted people’s choice for #1 chili).



GCHWC members and guests also brought in diecast to sell and trade using the tables at the meeting.  One person’s “extras” became another’s treasures.  It was great fun and everyone seemed to enjoy the food and good times.


Mike’s pair of tweaked super ‘Stangs

For club member Mike B, a rainy October day means it’s time to get out the drill!  Mike started out with two Super T-Hunt Mustangs and put his own custom touches on them.


The 2010 Shelby GT500 SuperSnake hunt (right) ditches the gold OEM rims in favor of some clean looking chrome spoked wheels while the 07 Mustang (left) super got 10 spoke RR wheels/tires AND a set of tinted windows.


The 2010 Shelby GT500 SuperSnake with a darker, more muscular look than Mattel had planned!   Nice work, Mike!