Summer Daze Downhill racing!

Each year, as part of our annual “Summer Daze” event, the GCHWC holds downhill diecast races.    We’re lucky enough to have use of Larry’s great custom two lane track and this year, the garage behind Bob’s cabin in Farmersville allowed us a spacious venue that we could use well into the evening (Thanks guys!).

Racetrack_setupEach year, the GCHWC votes on differently themed events and this year, we had quite the blockbuster lineup.   Our first event was the “Mystery / Baggie car” race.   The club provides a random selection of mystery cars (the product sold in baggies from Mattel) and members are allowed to “buy in” to the race by purchasing and selecting an entry.  No ringers and no guarantees.   Always a crowd favorite.

This year, in the end, Caleb P. topped the competition with his Infiniti sedan.

Kaleb_mysterycar_race_winnerNext up was the “Pinks” race.   All entries had to be Hot Wheels and primarily pink in color.   We had a variety of entries, but when the dust cleared, Deb G prevailed with her “Bubble Gunner”.   No extra points were awarded for matching shorts.

pinks_entriesPinks_race_1 Deb_Pinks_race champThe third event of the night was the “Pickup Truck Scramble”, open to any non-modified vehicle with a “pickup type” bed.  For this one, even non-HW’s were admitted.   The racing was extremely close but as a pair of Ford F150’s competed for the final, only one would take the checker.

truck_racePeter_pickuptruck_champ Peter claiming the trophy with his green Ford F-150 entry.

After the trucks cleared out, we were on to another great themed event… The Killer Kombi race!   Sense a theme to the evening?

Racers cracked open their stock Kool Kombi’s from the blisters and the fur started flying!  It’s really something to see 25 of the same casting race head to head as we to determine one real winner.  These are all brand new cars just out of the package and still, there’s incredible variation in the performance.    After many close finishes,  Paul took the trophy with his green Kombi.  Way to go Paul.

SummerDaze_2013 051 kombi_startgate


The final race of the evening, the “Open Hot Wheels” race brought out the quickest entries of the night.   Although drag buses and floppers (funny cars) were excluded from this run group, the theme for this race seemed to be FERRARI.

A pair of Ferrari F40’s bested all comers and ended up in the final match up.

Ferrari_final In a close best out of 3 final race, Ben F’s red Ferrari F40 took top honors.  As a side note, Ben also did very well with this same car at Nationals, where he took home a trophy in the kids downhill race there as well.  Fast Ferrari!

Ben_HWopen_racechampThe racing’s so hardcore that sometimes there aren’t survivors!


Special thanks to Larry for toting his track out to the event and making the fabulous custom trophies, Bob for the use of his lovely property and also to everyone that participated and helped make the event a success!